Our Mission

We come together as a multi-generational enterprising family to create value that enriches the lives of our family members, the performance of our portfolio, and our impact on society. We believe that together we can do more.

Our Family Vision

In the next 5 years, our family will clarify how we will grow our family enterprise. To accomplish our vision, we will:

  • Share and map individual interests, passions, and desired contributions.
  • Clarify opportunities for participation and expectations for supportive and active roles.
  • Develop a learning culture in the family, coordinate opportunities and learning programs for personal development, and support individuals as they prepare for Family Enterprise roles.
  • Prioritize family togetherness, unifying dialogue, and effective decision-making.
  • Explore ways to enhance philanthropic impact.
  • Continue developing our knowledge and expertise to pursue exciting investments and opportunities about which we are passionate.
  • Strengthen communication pathways that apply the family enterprise mindset.
  • Allocate resources that enable us to achieve our vision.

Company Values

Our Company is proud to have a strong history of incorporating fundamental values in our operations. These core values guide the culture, decisions and behaviors of our employees and management that drives their daily duties.

  • Do Right We do the right thing with respect, integrity, fairness, honesty and empathy.
  • Build Relationships We build strong, inclusive, open, and trusting relationships with each other, our customers, our vendors, and the community.
  • Cultivate Teamwork We pursue the success of the whole: communicate transparently, build trust, and embrace and cultivate cross-functional teamwork.
  • Grow & Improve We create value by improving ourselves, each other, our organization, and our communities with courage, diversity/inclusion, and passion.
  • Take Ownership We act as stewards by following through on our commitments and holding ourselves and each other accountable.